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How i will show video simple to client?


I am expert in youtube intro and outro I am so much confused in this platform. Is there any method to show video sample to the client is blog is best for video sample add or any other please Help… fiverr team


Here’s the list of allowed URLs.

YouTube would be the most obvious choice. :slightly_smiling_face:


When a client asks me for a video or portfolio I send them to my profile which has some demos, also I tend to use Vimeo over YouTube, but YouTube is also a viable option.
My thoughts are, if you haven’t already done so, then create a portfolio of your work on YouTube or Video, then add the link to your gig description with instructions saying “If you’d like to see some of my work see the URL below” and/or just send them the portfolio link


Give a video screenshot and a link of youtube/vimeo, done