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How i withdrawal money if i'm under 18

In our country Paypal is not available. What shall i do to withdrawal money from fiverr, Im not 18+ yet. Can i use my father or brothers bank account and information on payoneer with their full support. Is their any issue if i use my Father or Brother support, i read many forums in which it is mentioned that “be careful using others account” what precautions i take to not get banned from payoneer. Please give suggestions.

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Hi, if you don’t want to be banned from Payoneer, I suggest you to contact them and explain your problem.

Hey there,
I am 17 years old and I have Fiverr Gig’s. Origninally, I had the same problem as you but then I went to the bank and got a 16-19 year old current account. I used Lloyds Banks for this but I am pretty sure every other bank does the same thing. Hope this helps!

but they don’t reply typically. what should i do?

thanks dude! i already have a form for under 18, I heard that the payoneer dont allow under 18 to make a account. have you withdraw money yet?

how did you upload a gif for profile? pls tell me

Write meaningful ticket and wait for response, if they don’t answer, you can reach customer support through their official Facebook page.

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transfer gif into apng use this link

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thank you so much