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How I worked Hard and Smart to Get My First Two Orders

I recently joined Fiverr and was waiting anxiously to get my first order. I created GIGs but still, nothing significant happened. I had 10-20 impressions in the first few days and merely 1-2 clicks. I had placed the Gigs for the task based on the Data Scraping and being from Computer Science Background, I had a good command of Programming Languages and especially Python, but still, I didn’t get any orders in the first three-four days. I did some search research again and made some changes in the GIG’s and tried to make some adjustments. Those key changes and some other things that made me secure orders are:

  • Make your GIG as unique as possible, the best way is to search for the same services provided by the top sellers and tried to find some common pattern that differentiates them from others, or how they have structured their GIGs. For example, a lot of people have the same cover image for their GIGs and thus make you feel redundant.

  • Spend a few hours on the Buyers Request page, that’s an ideal place to get your first order. And a small recommendation, create a template of what you want to tell the seller when you see a request on the Buyer Request page. Create around two templates and copy them in a word document and in this way you would save time and the buyer could receive your request fast.

  • Reduce your cost on the first few orders, as these orders are a template that you want later the world to see, so in the first few orders try not to focus on money instead focus on how to impress the buyer and get good feedback.

So these were the few points that I thought would be helpful for New Sellers, moreover, I am still learning so I would be really thankful if you could visit my Gig and recommend some changes.

Link to the Gig:


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