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How I'm finally raking in orders after 5 months!


Good points to bring out.


congratulation for your great success


Thanks for sharing with us.Its so much helpful for us who are new in this sector :slight_smile:


I’m so happy you are doing well! Keep raking those orders in!


Thank you, much appreciated!


amazing tips :heart_eyes:


Really nice read. Thanks for your humble suggestion.


Thanks for sharing you experience


Much appreciated, hope they were of some help!


Thanks for sharing such valuable information


Congratulations,thanks for sharing your helpful tips with us.


Thank You so much @muchklerr


You’re welcome, hope they were helpful!


Congrats!! And thanks for the tips … :slight_smile:


Congrats !!!
Very helpful and inspiring post.
Yes, You are right. Eye catchy primary image is very important to get clicked as well as order.
Beside primary image, selecting master keyword and few more secondary keyword is also very important to get indexed in search result.


Thank you, much appreciated!


You’re welcome, hope they were helpful to you!