How important are Keyword Strings on your gigs?


I wanted to take a second to examine and gather thoughts on the keyword string usage for your gigs.

What do you find works best for you? Do you stick to the same SEO model you would use if you were ranking a page on your own website, or do you get a little more creative with it?

I try to branch out as much as I can but options are limited. Always sneaking a peak at what the top-rated sellers are using gives you a good idea of where to start, but will not work for each individual person’s gig. Allot of people make the mistake of just copy & Pasting everything from top-rated sellers gigs and expect to rise & shine through the search rankings on fiverr, this is just not realistic at all.

Let me know your thoughts, thank you!


Yes you have said it all. I did alot of those copy and paste and trust me it doesnt work


My thought is, I love your icon :slight_smile: Viva la revolucíon!


It took me about a year to establish my presence in search engines but then it is under my screename and not search keywords which are wide open in the search engines


Reply to @tn5rr2012: Indeed, this is why i try to make my titles as unique as possible, I am getting ready to do a big overhaul on 3/4 of my gig titles