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How important are Levels?

I’m currently at Level 1 and trying hard to get to Level 2. Was wondering: is it really worth it? For those who have made it, can you please explain your experience while transitioning between levels 0, 1, 2 and TRS status?

Level 2 is the most critical. A level 0 seller is kind of moot because if your skills are good and your gigs are being seen, you’ll get to level 1 easily. If you can’t, something else is wrong.

Level 1 will give you a bit more of an edge on Buyer Requests and bargain hunter buyers. Most buyers won’t risk buying extras or upsells from a level 1. (There will be some, if the price is low enough or the deal seems amazing.)

At level 2, a seller with strong skills can make as much or more than a TRS. Once enough decent reviews are accrued, buyers will generally put trust in a level 2 seller. Some buyers will only use TRS, but most are very willing to try a level 2 with a good reputation.

Some buyers will even hunt for a level 2 with fewer gigs in queue, as they may find TRS with long delivery times, expensive gigs, or just a long queue. They may think that a level 2 seller might have a little more time to respond to questions or work faster. They aren’t always right about that, but it’s a point to be aware of.

TRS is a very nice thing to get and can give a seller a great boost. It’s worth having if you have the time to maintain it. It certainly isn’t a necessity for an excellent seller to make a living.


I see. Thanks for posting - very informative.

According to my calculations, I have about until Apr 11 to get 13 more orders in order to get to Level 2. Because I plan on doing bigger orders in smaller quantities rather than the other way around, I don’t think I’ll ever get to be a TRS (because one of the conditions is to have a ‘volume of sales’). This, I think, makes getting to Level 2 a no-brainer because the alternatives are much worse (Level 1 = not good, TRS = impossible). So I guess I should commit to getting those last 13 orders in, although my circumstances are not ideal (I have a few big orders in queue, so not much time left).

What would you suggest?