How Important Are Revisions?



It may be obvious, but I’m a new seller on Fiverr. Something that continually bothers me about creating a gig is the ‘revisions’ option.

Being a newbie, part of me wants to offer unlimited revisions so that buyers feel they are getting a good deal; on the other hand, I’m worried that unlimited revisions might get me into trouble with picky buyers that’ll drag out a gig with tons of revisions.

In my VERY limited experience, so far one buyer has requested a revision from me and it was completed after that.

What’s a solid number of revisions to offer? Also, if you state that you’ll finish the gig within 24 hours, can the revisions go past this time frame?

Any advice is accepted!


Revisions are evil imo. Courtesy is what I offer, even after weeks of the transaction.


I initially offered unlimited revisions when I first started, but yes, it’s a slippery slope. Unless to gain traction you’re willing to put in a huge chunk of time without being compensated… that may be what is necessary to build up a profile on here. However as soon as you get maybe 20 orders, or reach level 2, best to offer just one revision-- BUT be specific about revisions and perhaps even put it on the gig description a ‘revision policy’, as well as in your gig requirements as a reminder.

My gigs currently include 1 revision and I have a revision policy that covers a few parameters. If my customer is changing their script (in my case), they are expected to pay for it. I’m sure you could figure out some things related to design… As in color changes, sizing (just an idea, I don’t know), would be included as their one revision. But if they want different text, font, pictures, that would be a paid revision regardless.

But yeah, I’d say don’t offer unlimited revisions, or, more than 1 or 2 revisions, because this can be a pretty discounted platform, so it’s important we still have people value our time and what we do.

Best of luck!


Oh- and it’s not a big deal for revisions to go past the 24 time frame. I think there is an expectation that once a revision is requested, that it will take some time. Just perhaps give an estimated time upon them requesting a revision, and the buyer should respect that.

I could be wrong, but as far as I know, revisions going past 24 hours don’t negatively impact your stats. I’ve done it many, many times and I still rank the same in search results.


Thank you so much for all the advice- super helpful! I think I’ll start offering 2 revisions. Any more than that and I feel like the time it takes is worth more than a simple $5 gig.



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