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How important is Fiverr in your financial life?

Hey guys, I’m curious. How important is Fiverr for you?

I mean, what’s the porcentage of your income that comes from Fiverr? Mine is about 40%. I also have blogs and do some offline activities, so I have another sources of income.

What about you?


I am hoping to earn from fiverr also. I have other projects going besides fiverr. I have fairly new gigs. Due to illness I could not do so much with fiverr before. But now that I am well I can. That’s pretty good 40 %. I hope to be in a percentage soon. Good luck.

Fiverr takes a 20% cut while not delivering a 20% (cut) service.

Honestly, this is my biggest source of income. That’s not going to stop me criticizing though. Reform is needed.

Difficult to say really.
Most of the time my expenses to complete a gig are greater that what i end up with, but doing basic quick 1-5 hour drawings on fiverr has made me a bit faster so in a way i might be making more money on my offline freelancing due to fiverr.