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How important is gig impression?

I am new on fiverr. I don’t know about gig impression. Please help me with this.

Here is the link:


Hey buddy, It’s not so important. You need to focus on orders and reviews. This will increase your ranking and will increase your impressions and clicks.

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Thanks for your information buddy

Thanks for your nice suggestion.

Gig impression stats are about as important as the number of characters in this sentence.

Not very important.

What really matters is that you provide Sellers with top quality work and that when you encounter an issue, you go through Fiverr Customer Service (CS) to solve it.

Also, treat all your Buyers (even the difficult ones) with respect and communicate with them professionally at all times.

Gig impressions are just one metric used here.

Doing your best and being professional about it means far more than any other stat on Fiverr.


Thank you for the tips

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