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How important is it to have your gig on the first page?

After quite a bit of tag changing I finally got my gigs to the front page of search results I want them to appear on. And I’m curios if you guys think having your gig on the front page is important.

  • It is important to have your gig on the front page.
  • It isn’t important to have your gig on the front page.

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And if you responded it is important to have your gig on the front page.

  • It is still important to have your gig on the front page even if it is on the bottom.
  • It isn’t important to have your gig on the front page if it is on the bottom.

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Thanks for responding. And if you have anything to add please say it.
Also if you want to help me would you please search “corporate video” and “advertising video” and tell me if this gig appears on the first page.


No one should try to get their gig on the first page. It is dangerous in the same way smoking your first crack pipe is dangerous.

You get addicted to the easy money, while forgetting that one day, sales will dry up when you lose your position, and you will eventually have to rehabilitate into life as a poor person.

Chase high-paying and regular clients, not search positions. All being on page one will do is make you self-righteous and complacent for a while.


Technically speaking there is no “first page”.

Different search terms, buyer behaviors, location and time of day, plus the performance of each seller/gig lead to a multiverse of “first pages”.


Problem is you can’t get those high paying regular clients unless you are on the front page.

So far, I manage… :thinking:

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I agree, sorry to be vague, what I mean by first page is on the first page of search terms your clients would be using.

Just voted, lets see what people say.

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Thanks for your participation.

Again, I can search for “logo design” and see completely different results than what you will get, just because of how dynamic the search engine now is.


Huh, thanks for that information, if you log out of Fiverr will Fiverr still search like you are on your account?

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I am not sure.

I keep reading how Facebook, Google and Instagram still know it’s you even when logged out, so anything is possible.

Heck even recently we learned that incognito mode didn’t do what we thought it did…

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Yeah, just logged out of Fiverr and my gigs were pretty much in the same spot.

Tell me which terms you used and I will do a search right now on my cell phone, see what I get.

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Ok, I used “corporate video” and “advertising video” for this gig.

And you find your gig on the first page?

Which slot?

For “advertising video” the absolute last slot on the first page, and for “corporate video” it was on row 10 column 4.

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Absolutely right! I tried

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Wow really, thanks, that is really helpful.


I scrolled for several seconds, counted over 30-40 gigs and still wasn’t able to see yours.

I search for “corporate video” on my fiverr app, right from the homepage.

I made a screen recording but I am unable to upload it for some reason.


Thanks for your information, that very useful.

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