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How important is kindness

Hello Fiverr community! I had a very interesting experience recently. One seller send me a message and wanted me to do something that was not exactly my speciality. I explained really politely that its not something i do, and because i really want the best for this project and i want this project to be done correctly, its the best to contact another seller so the job will be done by a professional in this speciality.

Then the buyer appreciated my honestly and told me that she will not give me this project, instead she will give me her products to do some background remove (that is my speciality!).

I am telling this story in order to explain how important it is to be polite and always take orders that you know you can do perfectly and are in your field of work. I gained an order from her in the end! Fiverr is such a great community, dont you think?

Maria S.


image Thank you for sharing. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yes, that is what we call professionalism.


Thank you so much! Have an nice day. Greetings from Greece.

maria S.

I’m the same way :slightly_smiling_face:

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Honesty is the best policy… :slight_smile: Good Luck!

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Yes…Very true.Thanks for sharing .
Good Luck

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perhaps if your gigs have an overlooking element you could find a seller who is offering the service that you don’t offer, but this seller has to not offer the service that you do offer (I hope that makes sense) That way you could agree to always recommend each other if you were asked again. Potentially could see some leads that way.

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