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How Improve a gig?

Can you please take a look at my gig to tell me how I can improve my gigs or getting more order. . Thank you :slight_smile:

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Just stick to buyers requests and design your portfolio as professional as possible according to your skills keep in mind no fake portfolio.

Send the proposals like a professional worker toward your job that you are applying and gives full satisfaction in your proposal to get more positive results from buyers.

Once you get your project, try to hard to give him/her best results as soon as possible also give them revisions as they needs till full satisfaction so you can get better Feedback that will make your profile boost and leaves a better impressions on buyers.

That’s all once you get better impressions and clicks you will definitely can earn more than $1000 in this Amazing platform.


Thank you for your reply… it’s really helpful for me.

Its all my pleasure, when i am new in this platform i did not know anything about that but now i am willing to tell everybody about this how this works and how we improve it.

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Sound great :slight_smile:
One more question
4 days ago i delivered order but buyer even neither mark as completed the order or not giving any reply still my order is incomplete… what I do ?

You are not fluent in English.

I am wholeheartedly skeptical of your ability to provide any of your services within 2 - 5 hours. That, combined with your unlimited revisions, makes me question your legitimacy and professionalism.

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Surely that would only be a problem if the OP were offering writing services?

As they’re actually offering graphics related gigs I can’t see it should be a problem so long as they can communicate well enough for their buyer to understand them and vice versa.

That’s unfounded and very rude.

If somebody posts in ‘Improve My Gig’ they’re looking for help and advice, not hostile criticism for the sake of it.

@mimegraphic - I think your gig images etc. are appropriate and you seem to be getting good reviews. Good luck! :sunny:


Thank you soo much :slight_smile:

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You’re very welcome! :sun_with_face:

So nice of you :slight_smile:
Now I am feel relax .


That’s a really good advice, thank you from me too!