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How Improve gig and Get First Order?

How do I’ll get order. I am publishing my gig on fiver few days ago. But I don’t get the order.
Is there any mistake in my gig. Can anyone advice me?

This is my Gig link:

Advance Thanks a lot !


Share gig on social media and active as much as you can. Then I hope you can get an order soon.


Social media is best promoter

My suggestions:

In the gig description:
“wether you are” could be “whether you are”
“Well come to my” could be “Welcome to my”

The standard package has “Stndard” instead of “Standard” as the package title.
That package also says “manager for a weak” instead of “manager for a week”.

You could change the premium package desc. to say “for 10 to 15 days.” instead of “for10 to 15 days.”