How in the world do I get my first customer and speed up the process?


I’m a little frustrated guys. I’d like some steady income and I’m getting a little bit inpatient. I hate that I’m getting tons of traffic but no buyers. I need a mentor or something at this point! Lol. I’m going insane trying to find numerous ways to approach this Fiverr website. My talent is just as good as any others talent. No ones talent is better. If everybody didn’t buy anything from the new comers, then WHY do they say anyone can sign up? I’d like to make it big on here and become a Top Seller. That’s my ultimate goal. Can anybody, ANYBODY for god sake please tell me and coach me through how to do it?


you can refer to many comments on the forums

you can note the gig you can buy for the contract that you copied from others

good luck! B-)


I have generated 35 orders in 31 days since joining fiverr having revenue of 160$ , by promoting my gigs i have got this orders , if you need help in marketing your gigs you can contact me :slight_smile:


Hi samidcna, please read the first post in the Tips Section called 'New to Fiverr? Read this BEFORE you ask “How to get Buyers?”. There are a lot of things to learn, the first one being ‘patience’. It can take up to a month or two to get your first order, so this time should be used to read and follow all the wealth of information that is available to you here, and go look at other sellers, and take notes (no copying, now!) as to what it is that they are doing in order to find success, and understand that there are millions of users, both buyers and sellers, and eventually someone’s going to order from you. Best of luck.


you have to be patient. use proper keywords and be very clear on what you or selling


I have the same problem

maybe does need extra patience

good luck!


One of my friends and I started selling on Fiverr around the same time and we each ordered each other’s gigs once just to get the ball rolling. Similar to how tip jars sometimes need your own cash to get customers tipping, having someone I knew order my service and review it got me out there so other customers were more willing to purchase. Plus, if you’re doing any work that shows up in Fiverr’s portfolio, you’ll have a start to your portfolio as well!

Don’t get discouraged; a slow start is natural. Best of luck!