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How Increase Impression and get more orders

how to improve my gig and how can i get more order. my first target is Level 1 Seller. i am graphic designer and my drem is top rated seller, please help me how to get top rated seller. how much time i need to get the top rated batch.
i am new here. every day i check my gig impression but its getting lower. please anyone suggest me anything to how can i increase my gig impression and gig view,

**Thank you **


I’m no top-rated seller, but my first piece of advice to you would be to take things much slower. Don’t make becoming a TRS your immediate goal; it’s much easier to burn out along the way if you set your goals huge. Instead focus on the smaller steps, like doing better work and attracting more clients.

TL;DR: Be patient :slight_smile:


i posted about it in my last post check it out everyone is finding it helpful!

wow :smiley: Nice
thank you , i will be patient , and target locked :smiley: <3 thank you for your great thought :smiley: <3

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oh ok :smiley: check this :smiley: <3

Deliver more!
clients makes clients! that means if a client is happy, surely you will get more clients referred by him/her.
20% of my orders came from buyer’s links!


ok i will deliver more :smiley: <3


thats how you will roll more orders dude :slight_smile:

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