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How increase sale?

I m level 2 seller on fiverr, I got more than 150 order but last 2 month I have no order like as past .why my sale decrease ?

How I increase sale more ?

you are not alone… fiverr also decrease my sales and i sell level 2 yahoo accounts have 60 account sold on fiverr since fiverr update his version 3 i get no sales on level 2 accounts from last 2 or 3 months

You both are not alone i’m first alone and sad i join fiverr form last month’s and get only of one order :frowning: help me what is problem ?

Hi, The same thing happens to me. This is my second month working on fiverr , in the first month I had many sales, but now my sales are decreasing.

if this thing happen, this is not the problem of fiverr, you need to promote your gigs on social media, in related forums and related websites.

fiverr just give you the platform to earn some money for you and your family, if you get less work this is the loss of fiverr too.

it is like making body in gym same exercise again and again and again and one day you get better shape for your body :slight_smile:

so just promote promote promote.

I am also experiencing a decrease to the point of ‘no sales’. What I’ve noticed it that instead of getting emails from potential clients, I’m getting possibly scam emails asking if I want to increase my sales, etc. I’m targeted to purchase gigs vs getting clients who want to buy my gigs. I have no intentions of responding to any of those 'buy my gig, check out my gig, emails.

My gigs are promoted. Some other Fiverr Seller even stole my Gig title and information word for word. Nothing was done about that. That other Seller is still out there using my information. They don’t even do what I do AT ALL!

Reply to @gameswala: I share my gig on social Media site .per day more than 10-20 share .after then my sale decreae :frowning:

Hello fellow fiverr’s!

I too HAD that problem.

After doing some research, I have met my goal of Level 1 Seller and Sales are coming in real good!

Here’s what I did:

  1. I read all the Fiverr Forums and blogs.
  2. I created A Video for each of my gigs.
  3. I gave my experience on my profile and put that verbiage in my gig description.
  4. I promoted my gig on Twitter about every day.
  5. I did the same on Facebook, Google+
  6. I put my Fiverr Gig link on my profile in my very active profile on Instagram.
  7. I asked questions in this forum.
  8. I looked at other similar gigs as mine, and tweaked my profile every day, to accommodate my message.
  9. I responded quickly to all incoming order’s and communications within 5 min to 1 hour.
  10. I over delivered all my work and services.
  11. I smiled every step of the way just knowing everyone on Fiverr needs my services.

    That is it!

    I repeated the steps and now I am creating more gigs getting ready for level 2 seller!

    I hope that helps!

    Good luck and think positive!! SMILE!!


Make video intro for your gigs it will be better help


Osman Shahbaz


Let me tell you why you experience a drop in orders:

The first month you have traction because Fiverr pushes your gigs and a new comer and a new gig. After that, it’s up to you to get it out there. @salasdes

The other story is that over the time, the gigs get to be outdated… so you’ll need to repost some of them. Try with one @bqbd2014

@ashavenae with the ones that just message you to buy their gig just reply as quick as you can “Thank you” and after that detete the message. Simple.

@newsocialmedia listed a lot of good ways to get your gigs be seen.

@gameswala you’re so right with the gym analogy… and let’s admit it… most of us are not so motivated and discipline to keep with the schedule and get in shape… but we complain :slight_smile:

I can tell you that the best strategies that work and the sincere and “not advertising” ones, like @osman_shahbaz . Just the fact that he just poster just to sell his product make people not want to click his link. You’re right @kjblynx

If he would’ve just answer and give everyone his opinion and advice and after that would say something like, “by the way… I do that if you want to check. It would be my pleasure to help you” then… he would’ve shown you “on air” how you can get more clients. So: be honest, get in contact with people and the word of mouth with spread.

I am telling you: I’ve been on and and didn’t make any money after I had to create upfront and bid on the gig… now, that’s a downer. Here… it’s beautiful. This year I took my family to Disney Land and bought a Drone with money from Fiverr… :slight_smile: and that… just by helping people with their branding needs… and being friendly :slight_smile:

So, I hope it helps :slight_smile:

So, no worries about the drop, look forward to the climb.


I am also experiencing a drop in sales from 40+ last month to almost 0 this month. When I look at the impressions it says red arrow down 24 K. But when I look it up myself in the searches I’m in the top 5. It’s really strange.

Reply to @kjblynx: thank you. Your suggestion is very helpful

i am in level 2 i have same problem last 2 month i just deliver 2 order why? fiver change some algorithm or any other searching mechanism that why level 2 face problem kindly fiverr reload your version 2 thats was fine for us thanks

Hi guys. as mentioned earlier ; video is a good way to promote your gig. I am a video producer. Just to help everyone get max. out fiverr, I will offer 50% off for my video services for non-video sellers here on this forum. Just mention this to me in message and don’t tell anybody about it :slight_smile: