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How is COVID-19 affecting freelancing market?

Has the COVID-19 impacted your’s freelance business and, if so, is business up, or down?


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Mostly I have experience cancellation of order due to covid-19
As a new seller it hurts bro:)
Pray for brother I am trying my best!

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You are right, It is hard to work with new buyer. BTW my expreience with new buyers is up to the mark uptil now hope so it continues. I wish you best of luck and healthy life.


Yes, i think there is big impact on freelancing. Coz we are all intertwined each other.

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Max_hassan, You are right

No more orders for me. I’ll finish off my last order over the next 2 weeks, then that’s it.

I think COVID-19 has big impact on freelancing market. Its really hurting for every freelancer. Everyone pray for affected persons and hopefully this impact will be overcome this problem.

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I wish you best of luck

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Yes, same here from the last two weeks.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Impacts On Freelancing! .