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How is "Favorite" supposed to work


I have a couple of long time clients that bought gigs from me on Fiverr. They tried to “favorite” by clicking the pink heart (all 7 of them) but only two have registered. Whatever the “glitch” is - it is not intuitive to the buyers. All of these are smart people but only TWO of them had their clicks recorded…

Am I missing something?



Hello, sir. No, I do not think you are missing anything. This happened to me too when I sent my gig links to my friends they tried to click on the favorite heart shape icon and it wasn’t working. Even I can’t get it work sometimes. It’s definitely a bug. But if you really need them to be marked favorite then you can tell them to use the mobile app. It is easy to mark there.


Do they matter? I am trying to do everything i can to become a strong Fiverr vendor


Not really. If you are trying to increase impression on your gigs then clicks and views matter mostly. It matters only when your clients want to save your gig to their favorite list. But don’t worry, if your clients want to do business with you again, They will message you through the messaging.


Thanks. Learning the system is a piece by piece thing. Appreciate the light on the path!