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How is fiverr system works?


I have seen a gig with only one rating and that rating was an 1 star rating.That gig is on the first page for at least 3 weeks now!How is this possible?Anyone know how this system works?


Am not sure that anyone will have the answer to your question.


You may be right, but I had to try!For me this just seems too odd!!


In my category, when I search for psd to html. Then some new gigs are appearing on the first page but they don’t have any review. Some of the gigs have *last delivery 5 months ago. What the hell!
I also don’t understand what’s going on with the search result.


This is part of the mystery of how gigs are ranked. No one knows why this happens.


Actually, I don’t know how that work, I have seen a gig that doesn’t have any review and it has been on the first page for the past two weeks