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How is it possible?! Almost 2 cancelations in 1 day


Ok, I need to rant a little bit. Early in the morning someone decided to order 2 x $5 gigs instead a $15 gig. Told her that I will need to send an extra for the $5 so she decided to cancel.

6 hours later someone asked a few questions about a design, told him that that kind of design is $15. What he does 5 minutes later? Buys the $5 one then refuses to answer me further about the rest of the $10.

How is it possible to ignore what I said about the pricing, how is it possible to not respect what the gig details are?

Now I smell a second cancelation in just one day. I am so angry!!!


Can’t offer any suggestions I’m afraid, but I truly sympathise. :sunny:


I’ll just embrace the cancelations. But I am still frustrated, especially since I spelled out the price because I didn’t want him to buy the wrong package which he still did.



He could be hoping you’d do it for the lower price. I’m still shocked at the thriftiness of some folks.


You’re an experienced seller, with a 5 star rating overall and you’ve been on here as long as I have. Raise the price of those $5 gigs and you’ll get less of these timewasters. :slight_smile:

I used to get so many buyers do this and send me a script insisting that it was 150 words or less, so I check the word count and lo and behold, the word count is 161 words or something. When I confront them about this, I used to get, “Oh yes! Sorry about that - I forgot I added some additional text.”

Right. But they were insistent before that it was under 150 words. Pah.


Some buyers just lack respect generally and have no regard for anything other than their wallets.

The buyer simply wanted work worth $15 for $5. Though it’s no real consolation, you stood your ground and refused to give away free work; many sellers would have completed the order regardless.

I’m sorry this happened to you.


Having $5 starting prices attracts this type of very frugal buyer who tries to save $5 here and there. I recommend increasing your starting prices to at least $10 to discourage this type of cheap buyer, and save yourself from all this petty haggling and having them try the type of tactics you are describing.


What’s done is done- **focus on your business and how to improve it to —NEXT LEVEL—


I will say you are handling a clearly horrible situation with a lot more style and class than most do.
I think many of us can sympathize with you, cancellations are like the leftovers in the fridge you can’t clear out for another 60 days… They just sit there, and boy do they stink. You will be just fine! I’m sending Monday-after-St.Patricks Day-Luck to you!


I wish this was the case, but he is basically forcing sellers to work at HIS desired price. Imagine if this guy buys from someone new who is afraid of cancelations. He would be forced to work on the price the buyer imposes. Sometimes I just hate people.

I am currently working on this. I want to change all my prices and some parts of the descriptions. I think it’s time. :smiley:

I am lucky because I am still in a good place with my analytics. Give me some time and if people will keep coming with these kind of things I might start freaking out.

PS: Just had another one canceling because HE didn’t know the size of his design implying that I am the one not knowing what I am doing.