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How is it possible that someone with such high ratings

delivers such low quality work?

I ordered from this guy and his portfolio looked pretty nice but the result I got was pretty amateurish at best. I realize it’s only $5 but I was surprised to see the thousands of 5-star reviews he had received.

Different buyers have different standards. You also have to keep in mind that generally (not always) sellers who have completed many sales are often selling lower quality services, and their buyers are looking for fast and ‘good enough’, not necessarily “good”. They crank it out which is why it’s cheap.

There are also quite a few sellers who are actually ‘teams’ of people - you may have gotten one of the less competent team members.

You can ask for a modification, or if the work is unusable for your purposes, request a refund. Then you can use that money to find someone more suitable. Pay less attention to the quantity of reviews and look for details on the work. Good luck!

Also, keep in mind that what you see in the portfolio are not necessarily $5 orders. For all you know, you may be seeing $300 samples.

If you’re looking for super high-quality work, I would recommend taking a chance on a newer seller – they’re often more willing to go above and beyond than the well-established Fiverr factories out there. Not that quality SHOULD vary all that much, just that you might get a new seller trying much harder to meet your expectations when you’re ordering a basic $5 gig.

“I realize it’s only $5 but…” but what? You can’t make it to work on $5? You can’t buy dinner for $5? You can’t buy a cup of coffee for $5? Calibrate your expectations, work the system, and like the nice lady above said, ask for an order modification. We sellers have a to-do list, and we have to clear that as fast as we can. Your seller probably tests new buyers on their quality tolerance. Set the bar high with them, and then show some loyalty. They will return the favor.

Reply to @webtelly: I “liked” this comment mostly because you called me a “nice lady”. Lol

Reply to @webtelly: You brought up a good point. I have buyers all the time look at my portfolio, pick out a gig they like I did for a previous buyer that cost the buyer $50 or more and they want me to do the same gig for $5.

steveeyes said: You brought up a good point. I have buyers all the time look at my portfolio, pick out a gig they like I did for a previous buyer that cost the buyer $50 or more and they want me to do the same gig for $5.
It is a good point, but to be fair, you can't get upset at a buyer for that. Fiverr is set up to specifically give the distinct impression that stuff (pretty much all of it) can be purchased for $5.

Fiverr preaches it, sellers manipulate it. Information that it's otherwise, falls into the 'fine print' category. If this place was more transparent, I think more sales would be made. People like quick and painless, and they surely don't like to feel tricked. Yes, I'm sure the order first, ask questions later process results in many unhappy buyers who don't bother to jump through any hoops for modifications or refunds, so the profit stays, but I'm sure most of them won't bother to put in time researching/communicating to make sure they get what they think they're going to get for $5.50 the next time.

Well, just to close the loop on this. The seller was pretty decent. I asked for an order modification, and he complied. 2 days later I got back another logo which I thought was just as terrible, but I was impressed he tried. So I said that I couldn’t use the logo and he gave me a refund, no questions asked. All in all a decent dude who acted in good faith so props to him on his customer service skills which was appreciated…Next time I may try a less popular seller.

Reply to @gregling: I’m glad you ended up having a decent experience - even if you didn’t get a good logo! Props to you too, for not being a jerk. I hope you have better luck with your next order. :slight_smile:

I think that maybe you two just weren’t a good fit - maybe they didn’t feel particularly inspired, and you didn’t consider their efforts enough. It’s nobody’s fault, in this case, just a bad creative fit. I’m sorry you didn’t get the logo you expected, but at least the seller was nice and you got your money back! :slight_smile: Best of luck with your next order!