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How is it possible to earn 500 or 500+ a month on fiverr?

I am a level one seller and created more than 50 orders its been a single month i have joined fiverr but now my sales gradually decrease. i want to know how can we earn 500+ with in a month as i have read the top sellers stories

they are doing really awesomely good . if one sales is decreasing what may be the possible reasons please suggest so i can improve my ways and earn 500 or plus


1 month, 50 orders ? you’re already doing good. Better than me when I started.

you will be a level 2 seller soon. Don’t worry about the orders. they keep going up and down depending on the seasons.

Just keep up the good work and you will see yourself rising soon.

Reply to @kay2809: Touché. I don’t think I even received one order during my first month.

@kay2809 and & @mrproofreading yeah i have gained orders by luck i guess but now iam worried because its my 2nd month started now and hardly i got 3 orders

I am worried really very worried as my gigs are going down too :frowning: :frowning:

don’t worry. Just look around you. You’re doing better than most of the new people.

Orders will keep going up and down. That’s normal.

Also as you gain experience, try to add extras to the complex orders to make them worth your time.

You will go above 500 easily.

Reply to @nidashah: You might check to see how your gigs are ranking via your preferred keyword. I had a problem where my video gigs weren’t ranking when searching for “spokesperson” when clearly, I had the keywords present in my gig. The day after I fixed it, I tripled my bookings and had a near record day.

But as other have noted, things go up and down all the time. There seems to be at least one “rush” per month for me, then things can virtually dry up for a bit. Just make sure people can find you via your keywords, and take advantage of every tool fiverr gives you, i.e. gig videos, etc.

And finally, the longer you are a seller, the more people you have that follow you. You get to a point that, even when things are slow, your followers or regular customers can keep you going during the slow times.

@tsweezey Thank you! your reply really helped . i will definitely my gig’s ranking check via my keywords that’s a really helpful advice. :x

@kay2809 thanks i your reply give me courage hopefully i will get more orders and will be able to earn 500 or 500+ a month $-) (*)