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How is it possible to sell your first order without any reviews?

Hey, I am a new seller here.

Just wondering how it is possible to get your first order without having any reviews to your name? Those sellers with +ve reviews are higher ranked, look more desirable, trustworthy, etc.

Just looking for some advice on the matter.

Many thanks in advance

It is not required for buyers to leave reviews. As a new seller I understand your disappointment at not getting one for your first order. But I have read on the forum that 50 - 70% of buyers do not leave reviews.


We all started without any reviews! :wink::rofl:

@vickiespencer - I think that’s the point - the OP hasn’t had any orders to get a review?


yes we can get Order without any review…we can do make good content Gigs

indeed but HOW :joy:

I misinterpreted what she said. :roll_eyes:

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You can make good unique content Gigs…

No disappointment, just curiosity. I have no sales yet either, only been active for a few days. But 50-70 is a huge proportion! I would have expected a much greater % than that

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Get rid of the stuff about your GCSEs - seriously - nobody’s bothered, and outside the UK it won’t make sense to anybody.

Start with ‘I am skilled at proofreading and editing other’s work’ - might be better to move the apostrophe to the right place :wink:

Have you got a blog? If not, start one - put samples of your writing up there and direct back to your gigs.

Stop mentioning you’re a student in your gigs - you’ve said it in your profile. If you want to come across as professional, you need to be seen as being professional. :wink::slightly_smiling_face:

Good luck! :sunny:


Same issue with me :unamused:
I completed 9 orders.

haha, thankyou!! solid advice

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So far I’ve had 10 different orders, and only 6 of them left a review.


10 orders? That’s awesome, Nathan. Cheers to more orders. :tada:

I recently had a buyer contact me after a (completed) order that surpassed the (30) days. The reason was the buyer’s schedule, the buyer really wanted to leave a rating though. I told the buyer it’s OK and that I appreciated the thought, which totally counts in my book. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks, Nika!

Yes, same for me. The buyer gave a review about 1 month later ^^

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Yeah. The buyer is now educated on how the feedback system works.

(30) days to leave a review. Otherwise, it’ll be too late!

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Yes, I think it was very good advice, but when I went to check your gigs it seems like the “student” part is still there. People might simply avoid you just because you are a student.
I’m not saying students cannot be professional, but having that in your description doesn’t really help. You might want to take offlinehelper’s advice seriously.

Also I’m not sure what will be the better option, but you might want to change your gig sample images. There are SO many writing gigs out there were so many people just use an image of a paper/notepad, or a laptop, and a pen.
Try changing it to something more unique.


Well I went to check your gig and daaaaaaaaaaaaaaang you’ve got some skills!
Me being Japanese I used to do origami a lot as a kid, but heck, I usually went with the
veeeeery simple basic stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:
The 30 piece ornament ball was the most complex piece I’ve made, and even that isn’t
that complex when I look back at it now.

I hope you keep getting orders!

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Thank you, Zeus! Appreciate it! ^^