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How is it possible?

I have sent a custom offer to my client with 5 revision
but he already requested 9 revision from me
I don’t know know how is it possible

Whether you set it to 1 or 100. Reversions are unlimited if they are in the specified scope of the gig. The only time that you are not inclined to perform the reversion is if the buyer asked for something totally different from what he or she asked in the original order.


So, there is no point of mentioning number of revisions in the gig description? Suppose, If I say there is only one revision available with basic pack and the buyer has already taken 2 revisions and asking for more, do I have to revise it until he is happy? Is his demand going to be supported by CS?

Yes they can do that, i also faced this.On that order i got surprised


You do the gig as you had agreed with the buyer, if you tell the buyer you offer capital A the you deliver small a. The buyer has all the right in the world to demand you deliver capital A.


That is easily understandable.

But what I was asking, who decides whether it is capital A or small b and based on what the decisions will be made.

Many times I have read here that the CS most likely will side with the buyer if there is a dispute.

If a seller is thinking of fooling his buyers, I don’t think he will ever be worried about the number of revisions he offers.

This discussion is going nowhere, I already told you that you should deliver what you and the buyer agreed on, not to try and hide behind your limited revisions. If the revision is in the boundary of what you had discussed, you should perform it without complaining, if the revision is an extra that wasn’t mentioned in the initial communication then you can decide to charge the buyer. CS will side with the buyer if he or she produces enough evidence to show that the seller is trying to rip him or her off. Saying that you read somewhere what that pigs can fly doesn’t make it true.

I’m not sure which gig it is because you have a lot, but when I checked one of your gigs randomly it clearly said “unlimited revisions,” and another one said “100% satisfaction” which could mean you will do revisions until the client is satisfied.

If you are not happy with what’s happening, you should edit your gig description and make your
revision policies clear.


The answer that you’re looking for is: revisions can be requested regardless of the specified term. If you’ve performed the amount (or exceeded them in this case) and choose to not perform any others- that is well within your right. You may (and most likely will) receive a bad review for failure to satisfy the consumer. However, situations will come up wherein you are forced to take a stand. Business policies are what they are.

Thanks for your suggestion but it’s was happened on a custom offer not direct order
There i have sent offer to my client with 5 revisions but he already taken 9 revisions

Since you have mentioned 5 revisions in your offer, You can charge for additional revisions if you feel the buyer is asking for something which was not agreed.

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If it said “5 revisions” in the offer, you should have stopped at the 5th.
Clearly the buyer should have followed/respected that, but you should have also pointed that out
when the buyer asked for the 6th time.

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Thank you for your suggestion