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How is it some people have so many reviews just while i only manage to get barely 50?

I am a level one seller hopefully will reach level 2 soon.
It gets very tough to find buyers and convert a deal. But when i see other people on fiverr they 300+ reviews with the same time on the network.
I am curious, how it is?
What am I doing wrong or not doing that I get so less people on my profile and barely have 50 reviews?


Well, I have 650+ reviews.

But I’ve also been here for almost five years.

These things take time to add up and only about 75% of my completed sales include a review.

You just have to concentrate on doing your best, giving your Buyers the best quality you can and sooner or later that will come to you in more reviews.


i hope so, i oblige so many people just for these good reviews

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One big advice that I would’ve given myself when I started freelancing is to stop looking at others.

Stop looking at others and start looking at yourself. Instead of comparing yourself to others start comparing you to yourself.
What have you done differently from the last week to get more orders? Did YOU try something new? Did YOU learn something new? Did YOU try to implement different strategy? Etc.

What others do shouldn’t affect how you do things. Find your own success and what works for you


I do have a good rappo with the buyer. Though not all of them give review but maximum will. Though i am on 99 review. One more to go :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

It could be that there are some things that are on you gig that make people not want to buy such as too high prices. Another reason could be that your services don’t tend to be ordered that much. I only get orders ever 2 weeks to a month so it might be an issue that is platform wide. I hope this helped you.

i’m still 49 just one shy of half century

Oh but I like looking at you
(in a totally non-creepy way of course)

50 reviews are heaps. I have 10. Many have less. Focus on your canoe and how to make it float better.

Ok, so some do have more. Some of those are genuine & legit reviews for which they should be proud (but not arrogant) but some are not so legitimate :wink:

I work in an area that is not exactly in-line with the common mindset of buyers here so when people say they want a great mix, they don’t want a great mix as I deliver it. Expecting them all to be my customer would only bring pain. I seek to serve only those who want what I do so they are wanting something unique. This means that my metrics will not track against some preset user who sells things with the same words as my gig/s but with very different results. This means that comparing the two is a waste of time at best, dangerous at worst.

Focus on your canoe and how to make it float better.



I agree with virtually everything you’ve stated, but sometimes taking a gander at top rated/pro seller gigs with numerous orders in their queue can give some helpful insight on how to make attractive looking/sounding gigs and useful FAQ’s. It’s possible to find inspiration or good ideas from looking at your neighbors, but don’t go overboard and start ripping off what they say or do!

I’m sitting at 618 reviews at the moment, with roughly a year and a half on the platform. I’ve completed 994 jobs overall, so figure roughly 2 out of every 3 buyers or so is leaving me a review. My secret is literally just keeping my head down and responding politely and as quickly as is feasible to my messages.

I don’t obsess over my stats - any of them - and while I occasionally take a peek at my TRS and Pro brethren, it’s mostly to check out their branding strategies and see if they’re using any useful keywords I’m not. If they succeed, good on them. Those clients were going to hire them no matter what I did. It’s my job to make my own gigs as attractive as possible to coax in my own clientele.

Your gigs look good @bansalshashank - I might suggest that you come up with gig titles that are a little more conversational, rather than blunt: e.g. rather than, “I will do any software setup or installation,” a warmer, "I will help you with any software setup or installation on “Device” - you have to remember that people are searching the way they speak - they’ll searching things like (X) program installation on computer or (X) software setup on laptop. If you advertise in organic language while still keeping things looking and sounding professional, it may help.


thank you for the suggestion, since i am still starting up will need to refine my gigs and create new ones but ill take ur advice and try to improve going forward :slight_smile:

i hope you get the half century, no worries you will get if you try in a proper way

Wrong. This is breaking the rules and can lead to warnings and potential bans.

Okay, I will not recommend doing that anymore. For most of my orders, they have gone quite smoothly and the buyer left a review.