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How is it that some sellers have many many orders within a few months

Hi. I was checking out some sellers in my category ( content writing ) and saw that they have go so many orders within few months. I am curious that how did they got so many orders. Their gig images were not that catchy so i ruled that out. their descriptions and prices are quite similar to other sellers who haven’t got any orders yet.


Some seller buy reviews and if he or she has a good level and tags then it is possible to get so many orders also they convert their local customer to fiverr customers

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For writing gigs the gig images won’t be as important as in other categories like those Graphics & Design.

For writing gigs the writing in the gig descriptions, packages, FAQ, any text in the images and the writing examples shown in the portfolio that will probably be a lot more important. Their current ratings/reviews could be helping to get them more orders too.

If you have writing gigs I’d check each gig description in something like Word to check for any grammar issues, and if possible, other grammar checkers too. Never write things like “i have” with the word “I” in lower case. Things like starting a new word with a capital letter after a question mark. Check things like “it is important to keep readers attention”. The number of active gigs might be a factor too.

Maybe check the delivery times of the other gigs. Check you’re giving yourself enough time to write and check the content. eg. maybe increase the delivery time of the basic package of the story gig (edit: or reduce the number of words you’re offering to write in the package since the title has “in 24 hours” in it. Maybe not many others are offering to write the full story in 24 hours.).


I have many orders in a week because I make video/photo editing and motion designing in long term for streamers and youtubers.
My strategy is too get buyers for long term, when I get buyer for long term, I offer some little extra for free like youtube intro/outro and I improve their youtube channel, then they come to me to do 1 video a week, I have some regulars so I am often busy.

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Because they don’t force life so they are playing with orders.