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How is looking this Picture suggest me?

Hello Friends, I want to create a gig on Facebook Marketing Can you suggest to me how is looking this picture? Can I use this picture on my gig?Facebook Marketing Specialist


You can do whatever you like but I will say, seeing you asked, that this is a terrible image.

Is is cluttered, covered in confusing text, scraps copied & pasted. The Fiverr logo which is against TOS, other logos which may not be against TOS directly but is still poor form, image contents go too close to the edge so will get cut off in Impression view…

Your image should not be covered in text at all. Fiverr advise this also. It makes you look tacky - unless that is the plan and you want tacky customers.

Think clean simple and elegant. Also unique as right now this looks like every other wannabe web specialist whose image looks like an explosion in a spew factory. That makes it hard for anyone to want to choose you specifically.



Good advice from benedictrm.

Looking at this image gave me anxiety and a headache.



Look at this user image. Clean refined, and while rather Audrey Hepburn at a distance unique. It also says thoughtful which indicates intelligence and probably detail in the work. Probably also willing to tell me when I got it wrong and how a better result can be achieved. All good things.


This is pleasing image design. Do that.
(not steal her image as that would be creepy)



Not good improve this picture.

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