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How is looking this picture?

Hello Friends, I want to create a gig on elementor pro Can you suggest to me how is looking this picture? Can I use this picture on my gig?



Looks good.
It could be more creative.


I think an Ideal gig image size should be 1000*1076

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Good But if you change the color it will be more attractive.


Its look good. But you can add some more text in this image. Like what work you do,what is the quality etc.


I think Less is more.

How is This one?


Your gig image is looking good. But if you add some shadow in text and logos then it will look more beautiful.

By the way, Are you giving original Elementor pro license or cracked version?

I give original elementor pro license to my buyers.

Thank you.

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Honestly they both scream tacky to me.

I know people do it all over the place but it is poor form to use the logos of another business to promote yours. It suggests that you are official or endorsed by them as that is the only time you are legally allowed to use a logo in this fashion.

Make sure it is neat as these aren’t which suggests that if I got a website from you alignments would be all over the place. Not a great plan.

Personally I prefer the orange one as at least it is bold and cheery, but none of this is the right way of going about finding high quality clients. Maybe I assume wrongly and you don’t want that in which case go nasty, go big.

Instead show your actual work. Show something unique not cover art.



Ok, I will try to do that.

Hi :slightly_smiling_face:
Your gig image is looking good but you can do add some more text in this image.

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Which is good first one or second Image?

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It is better to enlarge the texts of the second image

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Pretty Good and attractive you can used this

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thanks for your suggest :+1:

I think these images look good but if you create it more attractive, it will focus on your deserving buyer. For this purpose, you try to analyze the other gig image and gather some ideas from these images. And create a professional one. Thank you.

I have 15+ experience with graphic design.
So…, if you want to get people to click and get order…,

This is my honest opinions:

  1. Your design is bad. Just like student who try a graphic design software.
  2. Your choice of color…, Bright Red…, and That Blue…, is basic RGB…, and it hurt our eyes a little. Please don’t use this color.
  3. Your design is shows that your are confused too. Are you play with minimalism? or what? Too much white space…, but at same time…, you put some abstract shape? Plus that header background looks like “sensor” shape…
  4. You doesn’t understand the Color Pyschology.
    For Web and Business…, you can’t pick RED and That YELLOW Greenish.

Overall…, If you really want to sucessful as freelance at Fiverr…, you need to improve your skill greatly.
With your current skill…, i think you will have really hard time getting order.

Wish you luck,

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import WordPress icon there change the color to white!
that would be more eye catchy…
beside that I would recommend you to choose a more enlighten color like purple and pink gradient…