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How is My Fiverr Gigs? have any Problem In this gigs Tell me to fix it

Please how is this ? my gigs -

A couple of suggestions:

One of your logo Gigs doesn’t have any samples up. Get some uploaded, it’ll be a massive plus.

Your business card Gig has ‘business card’ spelt wrong. That’s gonna prevent some people finding it through the search feature.

I can offer a couple of suggestions. You might want to hire someone or get a friend to proofread your gigs. Also, it is good to have your profile show the real country you are from since that can really help with buyer trust. There are lots of great tips on the forums if you read new and old posts so try that too! Good luck!

can you suggest?

I Used many gigs my Images

Reply to @sdglhm: Have you problem with me?

Reply to @killerdesigners: I don’t have any personal issues with you. Just being nice and gave a friendly advice. First thing in the sales is trust.

Reply to @sdglhm: හා හා උබ කියපුවා අයින් කරපන් මේ විදියට ගොඩක් අය ඉන්නවා මගේ තව එකක් තියනවා ලංකාවෙි විදියට උබ කියන්න ඔිනේ නෑ