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How is my profile going so far?

Hi experts,

I was not using my Fiverr account for the last year but now I have started again. How is my profile going so far? Check the attached image.


Be very careful with order cancellations. Try to avoid them whenever possible. Your current 67% order completion rating is not good, and it is hurting your current 60-day seller status.

The seller order without permission and I was not using the Fiverr from a long time. So the order just drop my order delivery to 0%.

After that I get 2 orders and delivery rate reached to 67%.

Now I have a question is my gig ranking will drop after the level drop?

Buyers do not need permission to place orders. If they like your service, and they want to work with you, they can click the purchase button at any time.

You cannot control your “gig ranking”, so it might be wise not to worry about it so much. Just be a great seller, and if buyers want to work with you, they’ll hire you. You can also market and promote your services directly to your target customers if you want to increase your orders.

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Thank you so much for your response. I will search how to market the gig.

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