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How is the Available Now feature different from Online?

I want to know negative and positive site of Available Now feature

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I see it as positive feature if used correctly (it needs some more testing and modifications for sure). So online status means you are currently online, accepting regular orders, etc. while Available now should (in my opinion of course) mean, “I am here, waiting for a client and ready to start working immediately”, so for sellers who are not currently working on other project and they want new project for when they’re done with current one, but for those sellers and buyers who wants immediate conversation and work on the project. That’s how I see it. :slight_smile:


I agree with this. Anyone can have the Fiverr webpage open and technically be “online” but take hours to respond because they are AFK, or sleeping, etc. Or they can be online, but not really accepting many orders because they are swamped with work.

Available Now generally means that you are at your computer, maybe doing some small tasks or watching YouTube videos of US Politics, or whatever, but are available to talk to a client and take orders right then and there. It, to me, is like “Clocking In” to begin work, and then turning it off when you “Clock Out.”

I find it to be a really nice feature and am quite proud of it, especially after the “Average Price” fiasco.


Still its beta,
So far i felt

Negative side: very difficult to reply within 5 minutes

Positive side: possibility to get orders

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Do you know if any body gets any order after click the available mode?

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Yes i am that one you are looking for

Read this conversation and explore yourself :wink: