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How is the Best Seller Gig?

How does Fiberr Select Best Seller Gig?And how many gigs are the best sellers?


The best seller ribbon is only visible to you.

Mine tends to be the last one completed.


“Best seller” refers to the gig of yours that sells the most.


Yep, unfortunately, it does not mean it is the best selling gig on the whole of Fiverr. :wink: Mine is the one that gets the most recent sales, not the one that has the most sales.


It might be the one that’s made the most sales (even if not complete) in the last x days. So maybe in the last 30 days or last 60 or some other number.

I’m sure mine doesn’t change immediately if a different gig is sold and if it’s not the all time best seller it must be taking a certain number of days into account.


I am not sure that the Best Seller Gig is the one that sells most.
I am a newbie, have 4 gigs online as per a couple of weeks at most, got one order on a gig and a different gig (no sales yet) got the Best Seller ribbon. I wonder how and why :smiley:

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Your first selling gig, and fiverr are put this gig best seller only make your one gig best seller , and if any change delete your best seller gig your profile get very down, and my recommend everyday marketing your best seller gig thanks

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