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How is this happenning?


When i check my gig statistics it shows no impressions but when i search the respective category (Quickbooks) my gig is showing on very first page in third line . If my gig is showing on first page then why the impressions are not there ?


Follow this steps

Logout fiverr
clear browser cookies and cash
sign in again

Same thing happen to me i follow these steps


Maybe that’s because Buyers are not looking service for Quickbooks etc. - try to find your gig by category search :slight_smile:


It might be a bug.

You can refresh the page your gig is on about 15 times and then check the impressions in a few hours to see if your own views were recorded as impressions.

Those stats are not too accurate sometimes.


@gamunu i have already done this , Refresh the browser cookies and cache but no change .

@fast_editing This is one of the most searched category on fiverr and there are alot of sellers in this category so it is not possible .

@misscrystal I have already tried this . My own clicks are also not showing even after wait of 12 hours approx.


that statics do show in 24 hours - not in 12 hours. Keep patience :slight_smile:


Generally it don’t take 24 hours to be updated . I have noticed this many times because i check my gig stats and position several times in a day!


Contact FiverrCS. If you don’t have patience :slight_smile:


I used to spend time checking my gig stats and finally realized it was not helpful but your experience may be different from mine.

I still look at them sometimes but still ask myself why I do it. I can’t see that it does anything as far as letting me know what I can do differently to improve things and most of the time frustrates me.


You are exactly right about frustration thingy , Same experience but even then i use to check it :slight_smile:

May be you are right that this is a bug or may be due to the inner changes that are going on in fiverr .