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How is this seller's Mistake? Fiverr Support do nothing for the Protection of Sellers

There is nothing a seller can do, when the buyers orders the wrong gig and give requirements which are not according to that gig,

I had many cancellations because of Buyers Mistake, but there is nothing customer support can do. The only solution with them is cancel the order, which is eventually going to effect your rating and completion rate in future.

We sellers are working hard to make our profile better and service better, but 1 mistake of buyer can ruin everything.

I had a bad experience, In my gig there was clearly mentioned in the details and the packages, that the basic package is for Writing Content. but 1 of the buyer purchased it and gave me requirements for distribution. I tried to reach him out several times even asked customer support to reach him out, the buyer was coming online time 2 time but didn’t bothered to reply.

I could have done his work just not to cancel the order, but the content was Cannabis, Which also i clearly mentioned in my gig FAQs that this type of content cannot be distributed.

I asked fiverr support to take any action but they did nothing and suggested me to cancel it instead or the time will run out and you will be marked as late delivery and told me I can’t deliver him anything then it will be their TOS violation.

This is just unfair with sellers, They do everything to protect buyer but nothing for the sellers. Because of this they have destroyed many sellers profile and still continuing. And I don’t know from where it is support when they can do nothing.

FIverr Support should do something in this case.

I don’t know people are so uneducated they purchase the wrong gig, and it clearly shows that they did it intentionally. because they need their work to be done in less money.

Fiverr support give support from no where, they only come-up with a solution to mutual cancellation, or talk with the buyer or we can cancel the order for you, but Bear in mind that cancellation statistics are handled automatically and the system will update the cancellation rate based on our criteria.

This what their solution, how this is solution when in future these cancellations are going to har out profile and how we are suppose to solve this with the buyer when that damn person is not replying even after coming online.

I need action in this case, I have clearly mentioned each and everything in my profile, even after these things the buyers do it intentionally, you should penalise their profile ans not give them their refund, and not mark seller for the cancellation.

By this you are only encouraging this kind of behaviour of buyers.


Buyer and Sellers are equally important for any business so here seller need to consult and have good conversation with buyers by means of mutual understanding you will earn well in near future.

We can only make good conversation with the client, when they try to reach out first and ask about the gig or the service they need.
And when it is already written that this is not allowed then buying that is pretty intentional. it can be our competitors who might wanna ruin the profile.

Nice writing. But madam, your conversation is too long. However just jocking, very nice and important post.

i have faced the same issue for several times and ended up having my stats ruined. I HATE THIS. whenever i tried reaching CS, it was always suggested to cancel the order and ruin your stats, hah!
and sometimes, people with extra money maybe :stuck_out_tongue:, place order and they dont even bother to fill in the instructions, like how am i supposed to design the logo if i know nothing about your business, not even the business name, who am i? and how am i supposed to make something with LITERALLY NOTHING.
then CS comes in and suggests me to cancel the order otherwise if i deliver something that is not expected it would be the violation of TOS… i mean WHAATTT???

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First rule of business: You’re on your own. And you’re walking into a dark room. If the systems on this website are making it hard for you to communicate with someone who is paying you money, accept that fact and move on.

Even in the real world of commerce, expect to be duped. Anyone can be replaced. And you should EXPECT to be cheated.

Good luck.


I know, we are on our own and I appreciate the platform, But We are paying 20% of our money and it’s pretty obvious to expect from the support to do something about it.

Or I can say those people are just illiterate to order without even reading the whole gig or try to be very smart with that by ordering for $10 gig and accept the work of $300 and then they try to cancel it by saying the gig is misleading. And cancellations effect our profile and the orders that we receive. So whoever do this and if the sellers complaint about them. fiverr should penalize their profile of atleast give a waring to them juts like the did to sellers.

I hear you. I’ve done a bit of reading on Fiverr since I posted that reply. I have this feeling, at the moment, that Fiverr has a specific user base in mind. And you may operate at a higher level than that specific user base. So I suggest you simply be careful, okay? Especially when it comes to money, of any kind.

Have you checked out any other freelance websites? I haven’t looked at these kinds of websites for ages.


It really has been a while since I was on buying/selling websites. One place you might also take a look at, for how websites deal with problems in customer interaction, is eBay.

They’ve been around forever.

I ran into a man on another website who was very involved in customer exchanges and user reliability. You might do some checking on that subject.

And don’t be fooled by what you read in any company’s Terms of Service. Interact with them, based on what they do, not what they say. I’ve already read forums posts here that run inconsistent in that way.

Please be careful. And have fun creating.