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How is you career doing? Things are starting to get better on my side...

I don’t know if this is the right place for this post but,

This has been a really good month for me :grinning:

I started working as a freelance translator back in January and things were quite slow at first. I got a few jobs on upwork and one in PPH but that’s pretty much it…

I got on Fiverr back in April and on may I made my first sale :smiley:

I got around 10 sales now, and I am working on a big project, but it has been a couple days with no sales…:expressionless:

Some people say that this type of thing happens and the freelance life is a rollercoaster, but my anxiety always acts up when things slow down like this. :frowning_face:

How about you guys, how are you doing? had any down times like this as well? what did you do?


If I were you I’d take out details of what your best selling gig offers. In half an hour you’ll have a hundred new competitors. :slight_smile:

As for your anxiety, this will never subside. That’s why you need to become an expert financial strategist. Burn your gym membership, live a low cost, simple life, and stockpile everything. Meanwhile, always look at new ways to diversify and never be afraid to invest in adding new skills to your portfolio.

I get tons of ups and downs. Then sudden crises where things like computer mice stop working at critical moments. Just try and stay calm and always have a plan B.:+1::sunglasses:


Everything has been great so far. Never thought I would become a level one seller in three months of “hard” work. The things I’ve learned on a platform like Fiverr are priceless. Negotiating, finding the right prices for the right services, making a nice feed, you name it.

I’ve also met quite some interesting people, who all have really interesting requests. From designing fruit packaging, to help someone design a circular solar panel, to making abstract figures and animals!

The thought of selling paper art always seemed impossible, but here I am! Expanding my lovely hobby into something that’s even better!

I’m planning on making more appealing Gigs for a broader adience in the future. Can’t wait to start!


Done, thanks for the tip :zipper_mouth_face:

Nice to know :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m at a point in my career where I am starting to “grow up” as a translator myself.

I contacted some more experienced translators in sites like Proz and Translatorscafé en they gave me a lot of wonderful tips on how to move forward with my business.


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I know that no one will believe this. However, just after posting this, my mouse stopped working! The only way to fix it has been to configure it for left handed use. - Talk about gremlins. - Or possibly the NSA.


Definitely gremlins! :grimacing:

be careful, I hear that they possess people and not machines…

See if other things start to break around you.:scream:

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