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How is your August going?


Statistically August has been my best month on Fiverr so far, but only because I had a big project with a new client. Besides that and a couple returning customers it’s been slow for me. Usually i get at least a dozen inquiries a week but that dropped drastically. Views and impressions also dropped as well. I’ll be happy if i could make 1/2 of what i made this month in September. Good luck to everyone, keep grinding.


Best month, but not on the Fiverr :grinning: on another resource…
On Fiverr August almost worst month.
Apparently, after the updates to rating system, sales fell down. Or I’m just unlucky.


It has been quite good to me, on the bad side of things, not that many new sales, only 3 or 4 I think, but that’s ok, I got other jobs elsewhere, could do with more jobs here on Fiverr tough…:neutral_face:

but I got a client that wants to make this an ongoing thing and may have some work for me every month or so, that is already at the 3rd order and they pay well.

I have also got the software for a new service that I can offer on one of my gigs, and an idea for a new gig to offer.

Oh, and I have always wanted to work on localizing software, mostly games, and, just this week, I got my second job in the area, on Reddit again, and got paid in full, with a bonus. And I also got experience using the software for the job, now I know how to use both Poedit and Poeditor.

So, not exactly my best month, but not anywhere near my worst either, actually, it has been quite good, the only real negative I can think off is that I didn’t get that many new clients for my gigs, but I am level 1 now, so I got a lot more buyers requests, do i am going to hit then again i think…


best month so far on Fiverr this year. It was only possible due to some of my old clients. Also this month I got some new 2-3 orders overall I am happy.

However, I keep worying a lot as Fiverr keeps on changing the rules even one mistake can lead to hell :disappointed_relieved: so have have to keep everything in mind


Hi,be honest to yourself.there after nothing to worry about.


But still we need to concern I will say that:

Last time I had order I completed work in 5 mins and there was a simple thing to be change still buyer gave 4* and my overall rating for last 60 days dropped to 4.9 and to make it back to 5 it took me two weeks and a lot of orders


One of the best Month of the year!!


Hi,on the Eve.of st levels day.i was level 1 seller and going to be level all stats.comply with requirements of level 2.then here comes two negative rating and I demoted to level zero.bcaz my ratings fallen down to 4.7 from 4.9.there after till now I have completed 15 orders with 5 star rating.but still my rating says I am stuck at 4.7.