How is your August Sales?


Hi Doers,
It’s the end of August and I have almost reached my monthly average sales. For me, the start and end of the month were quite slow. But the middle part of the month was so great that I could achieve my target.
What about your sales? Did it go up or down? :slightly_smiling_face:

Let’s see how it went for others?
Please share your experience.
Thank you.

It's 31st August! How was the AUGUST SELLING?

Hi,August being the best month so far on fiverr since I joined last year.


Congrats… May the next month break this record :wink:


Yeah records r meant to be broken.


August is great for me I got 5 orders in these last 9 days :slight_smile:


That’s excellent end of a month! Keep it up!


No sale in this month, as I started selling this month


Keep it up! Wish you all the best!


Very good month so far. :slight_smile:


Hello Everyone…
I received an order and got 5 rating from the buyer. I have completed my first order and very happy with the buyer rating and reviews. This is because of my talent and experience. Thanks.


It has been on a low for me lately


Best month for me since I joined the Fiverr


Same with me…


Congrats dude… Keep it up…


Thanks Faheem :slight_smile: Hope we all get success


Insha Allah… :slight_smile:


as usual not unable to attract customers


I did not get a job.


It has been a busy month for me! I also added a video to my main gig (finally!) and I think that made a big difference.


A bit slow than July !! Expecting better sells in September. :dollar: :money_with_wings: :moneybag: