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How is your December 2020 going on in terms of orders?


I’m bit curious to know that how is your December 2020 going on in terms of orders? I see sort of drop in number of orders in December. I provide logo design services.

I’ve also read few posts here on forum, from years 2018 and 2016 about orders decreasing in the month of December, every year.

Any other graphic designer experiencing less amount of orders in December? And if you’re selling services other than Graphic Designing, how is your December 2020?

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I do graphics design. I got my first order this month because I am a new seller. Other than that I haven’t gotten anymore orders yet. Happy Holidays!

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I have same issue and my sales down 60% this December :frowning:

Almost Good But small decrease as compare to previous… Hope 2021 years good for all.

Same as you here. I do sound design services and I had no order these last two weeks after a constant flow of 7 months. I think that this time of year is accompanied by a decrease of orders.

Started selling in october this year, my sales, clicks and impressions in december have been higher than ever. Last month I made around $600, so far this month I’ve done just over a $1000 with some on going orders into the new year.

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January 2021 has begun and so has flow of new orders. Thank you everyone for your replies.