How is your experience on fiverr?


I personally think there is a lot of people who want’s every gig of him/her self only,if they have competition they will probably try to blame you for something and report you for something necessary on support team AND support team is for my personal experience the worst support team in the whole freelance platform around the internet globe, they don’t care if they make a mistake,they don’t even try to tell you what is wrong and so on.
Anyway i love the idea of this platform but not action how is it handled,probably needed better leadership.

How is your experience on fiverr?


scary to be honest. So far fiverr has been cold and buggy to me.


The only ones who feel this way are the ones who do something wrong and don’t want to admit it or take any responsibility for it.

The rest of us love the support we get.


I have always found CS to be helpful with any issues I presented to them. :slightly_smiling_face:


I guess it depends on what kind of day,they are facing hehe :smiley:


There’s no need to be unpleasant about it. I am not surprised the CS team didn’t give you the best reaction if you took the same tone with them as you do with other forum members. Politeness costs nothing - and will get you a long way with success on Fiverr. Without it, I fear this is not the platform for you.

Incidentally, insulting other forum members is a great way to have posting privileges removed, which you probably don’t want to happen to you.

I see you have withdrawn the post now. I won’t include it here for posterity, but I am glad you saw sense and removed it.


i do not belive it’s an insult but thanks for reminding me :smiley:

Mod Note: Your post was reversed and hidden because it was insulting and inappropriate.


You don’t think calling someone an ***kisser is an insult? I don’t mean to educate you, but you probably need to re-evaluate that.


I was about to make a comment, but I see you took care of the issue I was about to address. Thank you.


Actually, it’s a forum rule - “Communication on Fiverr should be friendly, constructive, and professional.”

Nothing to do with “getting very hurt easily.” If we’re all polite, kind, and professional, it makes the interactions here much more pleasant for everyone. That’s an important lesson, both on the forum and in your interactions with buyers. I suggest you take it to heart.


Very very good Experience


I have observed in life that some people are rude, crude and full of attitude. :roll_eyes:


Thanks to those who responded with good suggestions on the original question and on the forum rules. Topic closed and OP warned to discontinue the rule violations.