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How is your experience with the Fiverr Customer Support?

Have you guys submitted support tickets to the Fiverr Customer support? How has your experience been?

In my experience, most of the times, they just copy-paste the FAQ, or state the obvious things to me, or just act absolutely childish.
Tell them my gig video was not approved for this reason, even though that reason is not valid in my case -> They just state the same reason again.

Today itself, I submitted a technical issue I was having in applying for the Fiverr card, and they told me that I have already applied for the card. Then I told them I haven't, and they checked again and agreed I haven't. This time they told me to contact Payoneer. So according to them, I should submit a request to "Payoneer", which is some service that Fiverr collaborates with, for a "technical" issue that I am having with Fiverr's website. Da fucking hell.

you might have some serious trouble by posting such things here i think you should try to sort out your problems with them in personal

Reply to @samad_designs: What kind of trouble? I told my experience with the CS, anything wrong with that? Are we not allowed to point out what is wrong with things?

Payoneer card is not available for Indians.

Terrible trouble with ordering and payment - and no contact information to try to resolve. Anyone knows how to contact the system beyond the help online

Fiverr Customer Support is not bad for me. but some time they will take some time to reply.


Reply to @kay2809: Ahh. CS didn’t tell me so, and it is quite a shame that the CS can’t tell me so, but a fellow seller is able to inform that to me on the forum :confused: Thanks!

Generally speaking, I’ve had a positive experience. I get the impression from some of their responses that the reps are dealing with a huge workload. I don’t like that things sometimes get swept under the rug, but having worked at a call center once-upon-a-time, I understand completely. They’ve probably got an efficiency optimizer (i.e., “time cop”) looking at how much time they spend on each ticket, and they probably have a back-to-back queue of tickets that never ends. Yeah, it’s frustrating when things don’t get fixed the first time, but generally speaking, things do get fixed and I’ve had a good experience with support.

Awesome. Most of the time they replied with possible solution within 1 or 2 days.

Regular user, generally good experiences, still 30% of waste anyway

Reply to @jamesbulls: I somewhat agree, but I would prefer someone to read my issue and give a thoughtful response in 48 hours, instead of a FAQ copy-paste in 12 hours.

That said, in some cases they have identified and rectified the issue at first time too.

My first thought: They have customer support? Not what I’d call it, but I guess my standards are a lot higher than theirs… I had an issue where they rejected my gig video, when it actually did follow all of the guidelines. I checked it several times before submitting it, and after they rejected it. I submitted the same exact video again, and they rejected it again but for /different/ reasons this time. That’s when I contacted support, and I think they only read the ticket subject, because all they did was paste the video guidelines and told me to read them. When in the ticket I specifically said that I read them multiple times, and even addressed each one in detail. So I replied to them asking them to READ my first email. After that they replied explaining why it was rejected, and guess what. Different reasons for a third time, on the same video. They even made one up that wasn’t in the guidelines or TOS… After a few days and multiple emails, I finally told them to actually compare my video with the guidelines again, and actually read my emails. I didn’t get a response, but they did end up letting my video through.

So, in my experience, they suck.

Reply to @omniversal: Can confirm, similar cases with me. A platform this awesome needs a better customer support, IMHO.

The level of customer support is based on your level. You are right, you get a lesser level of customer support just starting out. This is for two reasons: 1) They have limited resources, so to keep costs down, support is prioritized 2) that serves as an incentive to level up. Look at your level perks, and you will see that improved customer support is one of them. You are correct, customer support at lower levels is minimum. Once you make level 2, you will feel like you are in a different world. You get responses in under an hour, and they do stuff for you like clear errors off your pages in under 5 minutes. So, hang in there. Things get better! Just a little patience, hard work, never get angry, that’s only a waste of time and blood vessels. Thank you.

Reply to @webtelly: need 4 more orders to reach level 2 :confused: