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How is your March sales?


My January sales were the greatest.
February slowed down, and March has been the least amount of sales but the big orders make up for it.
What is your experience so far?



Few orders in February, but in March still empty. I’m trying my best…


Apparently I’ve somehow gone in the opposite direction; where January started off pretty slow, February picked up very suddenly towards the end, and apparently March is panning out almost better than both, and we’re not even halfway through the month yet.

I have to say, though, I can’t complain!


It has been the other way around for me, as @irmartinezz said as well.
January started pretty slow, February was the month of no sleep/no eat for me and March has a fantastic start.


I made two gigs and am waiting now to see what happens <3


I’m trying to figure it out right now, but I’m going on this kind of direction: I’m selling less, but earning more :smiley:



I’ve found it varies from category to category. It’s also based on how fast you deliver, how many new sellers join, etc. etc.



March Madness over here!


Not good yet:joy: But hope something good waiting …


It all seems to be on the up and up. March has seen some big orders rather than a lot of smaller ones but they can all be spent.


It’s been pretty good so far. A nice consistent stream of orders and definitely better than the start of last month.


Question: what are you people selling exactly? This might affect your revenue.


2 sales so far . Hope that rest of the month goes well:grin:


not good,February was best


You said it best lol


I wonder, how do my buyers know each other? To coordinate their orders so well that they get me thinking I’m going to hit my preliminary fiverr goal this month?

And then to disappear altogether…



No order this month. Feels bad man.


March is a little slow as compared to Feb But i am getting orders .


March is little better then February!!!