How is your response rate?


Hello Fiverr Family,

I am just stopping by to see if anyone else has had a drop in their response rate. I went from 100% to 96%, but I haven’t missed any messages.

Just wanted to see if there is a bug or a glitch in the system.

Thanks for your time
Pastor Dre


Some people claim that it is based on the last 30 days but I think it’s a glitch. Mine changes daily 86, 90, 92, 98 and all of this is happening daily.


I definitely think there is a glitch. I answer all of my inbox messages. Just yesterday as a matter of fact, a Buyer reached out to me and I replied.

But as I looked later in my inbox, I had a red clock warning me to answer the Buyer or my response rate would be affected.

I sent another reply, probably sounding like a desperate idiot for responding twice to the same message, but I still took the ding on response rate once the 24 hour time limit elapsed.


I just responded to this:

wish i could be mentored by you… just wishing

with a generic “no, go away” response. The timer is still there. Incidentally, this idiot is a busty blonde from the USA, which apparently has a new colony just 1 hour behind me. I think my response rate should be 98–100%, but it’s currently at 94% due to insects.

You can always write to CS and ask them to reset it, which will fix it. I can’t be bothered to email them every other day about it, though. After all, just like everything else “it doesn’t affect anything and only you can see it” (my ass).