How is your treatment with buyers after an order is completed?


Hello friends, on each deliver i tend to contact the buyer after a day or two to know how everything went with the final product, i don’t know why i just feel curious about how my child is behaving out there. So i ask, what do you do after completing an order??


If the buyer leaves feedback, I leave a nice reply, otherwise nothing - my job is done.


This may be considered spamming by some, especially if you are asking for another order or a review. I think you should stop doing that.


no no, i’m not asking for a review or a new order directly or indirectly. I know a 5 stars and positive review means the buyer is happy with your work, but you don’t feel curiousity after that??


No, I leave them alone.


I feel like you.
I would like to know what they think about my job but there are rules on fiverr!
Don’t contact them after the delivery or you may have some troubles.


aww guess that is considered bad practice, thanks all for your replies


I like knowing how my work is performing in the real world, too, but I usually leave the decision to chat about it in the buyer’s hands.

I deliver with a message saying something like “Here’s the article you requested. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it, or hear about how it performs for you. Please feel free to get in touch any time!”

Most don’t get in touch, but a few times I hear back from folks. It usually leads to a chat about complementary content.


For me sometimes I ask them how the feel about the job, but if no reply, then I stop cos they may consider it as spamming

Also if the buyer failed to leave a review, then I don’t