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How it works the (mutual) cancellations for V1. Would affect my record to get V2?

I’m really near to get V2. I’d trying to be kind, and a compromised freelancer for obtain this. But, NOW i’m having a problem with a buyer. He didn’t like the work, made a bad qualification throwing down my excellent record, and sent me a private message telling that I’m not professional, He marked the order as complete. I’m very upset and simply I dont want the money. BUT, what happen if I request to this buyer make a mutual cancellation?. if he accept the refund, Fiverr removes the bad rate of my profile being a V1?, anyways could impact negatively my statistics to get the v2?. :-?

First in my point, i will cancel or not take order when i feel this buyer not good for me, cause if both not happy can cause you not good in review.

I’ve face an guy from arab saudi, he ask for source file for free and i say he have to buy it for 10$, he mark complete and give bad review. Did contact customer support about this :V

what is the V1 and V2?:)) Level 1 and Level 2?

Reply to @kjblynx: Ok, Thanks. I got it. Nothing to do, I don’t really want to talk with this buyer EVER!.. and just for curiosity I stalked him, and he made negative reviews in others profiles… so, I just think the guy is unhappy with life :-S

Reply to @dexblog: yes… Vendor level 1 and vendor level 2

Reply to @dusuacangmon: Sometimes I really think some people are simply malicious and only want to harm. And yes, if from the first moment that this man spoke bad things about the previous designer, I Should distrust. I have to sharpen the senses to avoid insane buyers… :frowning:

I was thinking about returning the money, but seeing that he is always dissatisfied with everything, I realized that maybe that is what he seeks.