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How it's possible?


Hey, Please see the marking point in this image. Today I visit some fiverr profile. When I visit this person profile Then I see this review. When I look review date then I see it’s 47 years ago. So, I guess some bug here. For this reason I want to share it.



47 years ago I wasn’t even born yet. Neither was Fiverr.

It’s a bug :beetle:


Yes. I guess some of you. So I share it.


That is funny! :joy:


Once on Amazon I got a message that the order I placed in March of 2029 would be late. :laughing:


Ha Ha Ha. This is must be a bug.



Are You see this problem Same with me?


every thing possible


My goodness! The ages are increasing by the second. :smile:


Hey, I know you don’t believe me. So, For this reason, You make a screenshot using inspect element for my fiverr profile.
Please visit this person profile that’s I upload in my topic. Then you understand I am right or not?


It’s Not True. It’s a Joke. This guy doesn’t believe me. so he makes a screenshot in my profile using inspect element.


Oh, I see! :hushed:

I’m sure this :beetle: will fix itself soon.


Thanks for believe me.


Really entertaining brother :joy::joy:


Really, it’s not that serious or necessary to prove yourself! :wink:


you are right :handshake:


I know that. I share this link because somebody Don’t believe me.


He was only messing about - joke, funny - that sort of thing.

:rofl: <-- That’s somebody laughing BTW.

We believe your bug screenshot - yes, it’s definitely a bug - thank you for sharing! :sunny:


I also seen same from here. Now a days we face problems few times in a week. such as automatically change my rating, change profile pic(which happen 1 month ago). I really don’t understand what’s going on fiverr.
They have to be more careful about there business. Where safety is the main priority to everyone.


That’s what I would call “an old school client”.