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How late can I get?

So this buyer replies back after days, then asks for revision and disappears again.

I made an order dispute and asked for more days but I know this guy would take a day to respond though my timer shows 50 minutes left…

This is the first time I am getting so close to a deadline, I need to know what is going to happen after these 50 minutes? Will my gig be affected? My ratings? Or what.


Once an order is 24 hours late, the buyer gets the option to cancel the order. That also gives you an automatic false 1 star rating by the system (Saying even your communication was 1 stars).

Otherwise I don’t see how being late affects anything. Except a pop up sometimes appears, saying you get 20% less orders if you deliver late. But I believe that’s just most buyers don’t want to receive their order late and are 20% less likely to re-purchase.

I’d recommend to contact customer support if a buyer is unresponsive. The sooner, the better! As sometimes there’s quite a bit of waiting.

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Thank you just a minute ago he accepted the resolution, now I have more than enough time to work on his project!

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