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How lenient are you with revisions?

So this is really just out of curiosity. I personally offer one free revision with my order, but if they ask for another, I’ll deliver that too without extra cost but with a note restating the fact that their order comes with 1 free revision, but as a favour I’ve included another for free - and that any further revisions will cost them. I also remind them at this time to make sure they give me the right script the first time around so as to avoid paying for mistakes they’ve made.

I know some people will give unlimited revisions regardless of the number they’ve put as their revision limit, and some will be completely strict in sticking to the number they’ve set. So how do YOU deal with additional revision requests? Just curious!


For me it all depends on a client. If they were painful to work with and they kind of don’t know which direction they want to move then I just send them an offer for an extra revision right away.
If that’s a nice client and it was easy to work with them then if it’s really a minor change I will just make it for free, the same as you do, stating that I did it for free as an exception but al other revisions will be x$.


I’ve yet to figure out a way to enforce my revision policy, so I just do them for free. Abashedly, I’m too anxious about a poor review. Most buyers get rude about revisions when it comes to writing.

Once, a buyer said they didn’t care what POV I used in the requirements then got mad when I used 1st person and asked for it to be changed to 3rd. When I communicated that they hadn’t said that they wanted it in 3rd person, they got all upset and basically said that I should’ve known to use 3rd person based on the scant outline they gave me.

So, I guess I don’t deal with additional revisions requests in a way… I’ll work on that when I figure out how.


That’s basically the exact reason I always offer an additional revision and frame it as a favour - even irritable buyers are pacified knowing that they’re basically getting additional value for free, and I’ve never had them ask for further revisions without offering to buy them afterwards. :slight_smile: I kind of wish I was braver in just telling them that they’ve already used their free revision, but this is a good middle ground for me.

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I offer 1 revision ONLY if I’ve made a mistake (like mispronounced a word) or if I misinterpreted instructions that they gave at the beginning.

If they offer no instructions with their script, I usually reach out to them before I start. If they still don’t get back to me, a revision to the pace, tone etc. will usually cost extra since I specifically asked for that instruction to begin with.

With long standing clients I offer lots of revisions, but because we know each other well there is usually no need!


… somewhat lenient?

I offer 2 rounds of free revisions and am open to a few more for $15/a round. I can also throw a couple of free rounds in if it’s something very minor, it’s a regular client or I made a mistake.

It goes without saying that I’m the one who decides what’s considered “minor” and what isn’t. Some buyers like to try and make that decision for you.


I like your policy! Fortunately it has only happened to me a few times and it turned out I had made slight errors. So naturally I fixed them.

Otherwise, for me it would depend on the request. If it’s micromanagement, I would say no.


I keep revising my buyers order until s/he is totally satisfied especially when the buyer is reasonable with his request


Kinda, sorta, lenient…sometimes.
I, as a practice, stick to the number of revisions I have listed in the gig or purchased by the buyer.
Anything over that number and I charge.
If it’s less busy or the client is great or the request is small, then I may do it at no charge…but that’s rare in my case.


Check how long a person has been a member on Fiverr.
This should be a good measuring stick to how lenient you are.