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How less should be the fiverr cancel rate to move to Level 1?

How less should be the fiverr cancel rate to move to Level 1? I am a New Seller and I have created 52 orders in my first 13 days on fiverr. However I have a cancel rate of 7%. @-)

hi there friend I greet you and wish you good luck on fiverr !! congratulations with 52 orders within 13 days!!! Criteria for level 1 is you have to be on fiverr for minimum 1 month plus 10+ sales and an excellent rating!!! your cancellation rate does not matter!! if you are here for only 13 days pls wait and if you are here for more than 1 month I suggest contacting fiverr support they may guide you!!! regards

@tharundesign Amazing! I started on 21st of February and until now made only 13 sales. How do you promote yourself? I think I should also start creating Design/Illustration Gigs :slight_smile:

unbelievable i am still struggling for first order :o

Reply to @volodymyrpro7: I didn’t do any promotions. :slight_smile:

The main this is try to get to the recommended page and you’ll get orders. :wink:

Congratulations on all your sales. It looks like the requirement you are lacking is the month long member requirement. Once your one month wait is up, I assume you will be promoted. I am a new seller as well, but I have been a member for much longer. I am just starting to pick up some sales, so hopefully I will be promoted to level one soon as well.

Reply to @tharundesign: The thing is that I have gigs in the recommended section of the website, but I still get orders only from Buyer Requests and Facebook promotion… Good luck to you! I wish I will be as successful as you! B-)

Reply to @samad_designs: I see different people, who couldn’t get any order for weeks, others like me get orders 1-2 times a week, and another people like this man are extremely successful on Fiverr! B-)

Reply to @volodymyrpro7: Yes you will. Good luck. :slight_smile:

Oh, wow, and we thought we were doing well. Congratulations on your huge success - if you’re getting that many orders as a new seller, just imagine what will happen once you reach level 2.

7% seems to be pretty decent, I’ve heard that 20% and below is okay, but that’s just rumors from the fiverr forums - I’m not sure if a number has been publicly announced.

@tharundesign you are doing very well! you’ve already met the selling criteria to be Level 2 (once you hit the 2 month mark). I’ve been here a month and done about 20 sales so you are WAYYYY ahead of the game! Awesome. Oh, and your portfolio is killer- it all adds up LOL