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How likely are people to buy from you if you can't offer 24-48 hours gigs?

I was looking around, an for like almost all gigs I come across I see people offering 24-48 hour deliveries.
How likely are buyers to consider gig’s that don’t do that?

For a lot of my gig’s I feel like 1-3 days is something I can accomplish when I’m not busy. I don’t want to make promises that I might not be able to keep though, so I feel more forced into like offering 5-7 day deliveries.
Anyone know how to handle that type of thing?

those days are the maximum, put a few extra days and deliver the gig “early”.

Honestly speaking I love 1-2 days delivery. most would charge extra for it, others would charge nothing.

Depending on your life outside Fiverr…I remember the first time I did a gig rushed. It was my mother’s birthday in 3-4 days and I needed a happy birthday. The seller saved my bacon/ass/life.

If I wanted something like let’s say a million followers on my social media, I know that takes time. YES I know all those followers would be fake.

I learned that if I order gig in advance, I can save money and no need to pay the express delivery.

Like Christmas related gigs are going to be popping up sometime october? november? I order it then. The video greeting for christmas stays on my hard drive until then.

It depends on how badly they want your gig. Lots of level 2 and TRS sellers with a solid track record have delivery times ranging from 5-21 days. Sometimes even a bit longer. They have so many gigs in queue and buyers waiting that they can’t do it faster and buyers are willing.

It is true that when you are new and/or your gig offerings are not crazy-unique or otherwise amazing, price and time are your assets. Remember that a $5 gig should be something you can do pretty fast. For a longer standing seller, usually that might mean 5-15 minutes. You might get away with that starting out or you might have to work an hour or more per gig.

Still, even at that, you can figure out how many gigs you could deliver fast until you are established. What you can do if you have to is to use the limit orders feature so that buyers cannot place orders for more than you can do in 48 hours and then set a 2 day delivery time on your gigs. Once you build some reviews and so on, you can most likely shorten how much time you spend or raise your prices and also lengthen your delivery time.

It also depends on how much YOU want it. I know of a TRS who started out with a goal of making it big as fast as possible. He set up a quiet space to work and told his wife he’d be working almost non-stop except for breaks to eat, sleep, etc. and then he worked like a madman. He offered a ton of work for every $5 order and he delivered them extremely fast. He did that for a couple of months or so if I remember right, and by then he was level 2 and had a LOT of great reviews. He took a few days break and then started tapering back. Eventually he worked fairly normal hours with longer delivery times and made a good amount of money per hour. He wanted it so he worked hard enough to achieve his goals. Everyone has different goals.

I think price and quantity has to be accounted for here.

A $5 gig should probably have 1-3 day delivery unless you have thousands of reviews (as fonthaunt stated above). Those are easy to complete things which shouldn’t take much time; and, as a new seller, you won’t have a lot of orders so you’ll have time to complete them.

Some of my gigs have long delivery times. For custom offers, those delivery times can be over a week, because it’s a lot of work or it’s time sensitive. It all depends on the work which goes into the gig. Writing a 10k story doesn’t happen in a day! (or if it does, it might not sound great). Most buyers understand that quality requires time and will accommodate you.

Honestly, if you have a custom order and your buyer isn’t willing to wait… it’s probably a bad buyer.

And, once you have a track record of hundreds of reviews, you can put up long/reasonable delivery times and charge for faster delivery.

Thanks for going into so much detail and examples, makes a lot of sense. Gives me a better idea of how to handle things now.~

I would offer the advice of … Try not to edit your gigs much at all. Its very set it and forget it. It seems like editing them often to change the text description or delivery time or anything else seems to make it invisible for a while and the impressions / sales drop for quite a long time on it. Not sure whats up with that but it’s been pretty consistent for me.

Also , I would say make it comfortable while staying competitive within your niche. As you get great reviews and more orders you’ll be glad you set it to 5 days or so. Of course if it’s slow and you have nothing to lose , go down to 3 or 4. I just would not go too fast in case you get busy. Nothings worse than a late order and bad rating.

I have longer gig times than that. My $5 gigs are 3-5 days, and the majority of my gigs are 12 days. But I’m a beta reader, so my buyers get that I need the time to actually read their book, and most of my regular customers are authors who want a steady beta reader.

I can see people wanting graphic gigs and illustration for shorter time frames. When I’ve been the buyer on those, I had one with a 24 hour wait time, and one with a 3 day who delivered early, but I would have waited longer if I needed to, if it meant getting it right.

I think it’s a choice of, do you want a ton of sales with short time frames that you won’t be able to give your best work, or get sales where you can and the reviews will speak for themselves about your skill? You have to do what’s best for you.