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How likely will buyers initiate a transaction with new sellers?


Don’t get me wrong! I don’t mean to discuss the matter of fairness in regards to how Fiverr decides to display its sellers’ Gigs. I am simply curious about buyers’ opinions about placing an order with a new seller without a stellar record like many old-timers. (Here I define old sellers as whoever started to list their services as early as 2011 when Fiverr first came into existence and who have had more than 1k orders and received 200+ positive reviews.)

With so many qualified and competitive old sellers in the market, how likely will buyers initiate a transaction with new sellers? If you are the buyer, would you prefer entrusting your project with old sellers to new ones? When and why will you give new sellers a chance? Do you seek out new sellers? Why?

As a latecomer to the Fiverr scene, I understand that I need to work extra hard and advertise widely to generate traffic to my Fiverr Gigs. I have also been reading tips about Gig promotion revising my Gig titles and descriptions accordingly. In two months, I have received seven orders and I am quite pleased with what Fiverr has brought to me. I’d appreciate more if someone can help me understand the buyers’ mindset a bit better.

Thank you!


I often buy from newer sellers. If I need something and can’t afford higher rates, I look for a newer seller with good original samples. I ask some short questions to see if we communicate well. I place a small order to see the work. I’ve become a regular buyer based on some of these.


The likelihood is probably higher if you’re offering something that other sellers aren’t, if there is a demand for it.

By “offering” I not only mean the services you offer, but also the values, experience and overall impression you provide.

I’ve also found it really helpful that my English is perfect and I am a skilled writer. Even many Top Rated Sellers don’t write English well. I also provide services for which there is little competition. This makes it easier for me to rank higher in certain searches.

And @fonthaunt, I do that, too, for the reasons you mentioned. It feels amazing to know that you’re opening the door for someone who is skilled, but just needs a break (and maybe also needs the money).


Thank you very much for giving us a chance. :grinning:


I was new too, once! We all started that way, so many of us (and many other buyers) try out new sellers. :wink:


Nice thing that you do that. it is a win win situation. :hugs:


All a new seller needs to do is to be unique. If people are asking higher prices ask one that is lower or try and deliver faster than others do to make a difference. That is atleast what I am trying to do with my service.
It is very hard to get attention when you just started but dont forget, patience is the key to succes! :slight_smile:


New sellers don’t need to be unique. They need to be obviously of higher quality than most other sellers in some way. People will discover them.

I’ve noticed that newer sellers rise very quickly if their works screams of quality.

Fiverr notices new sellers who are extremely talented and promotes them by putting their gigs where they get noticed more. I’ve seen sellers advance to Top Rated Seller in slightly more than a year or less when they are really good at what they do and give great customer service.

Talent does get noticed quickly by the fiverr team and by buyers. And yes it does help to be unique in some way but is not mandatory.